Where Are All the Men?

A few days ago, the London Telegraph published a story entitled, “More new women priests than men for the first time.”  I read the story with great interest because it touches on something that I am very much interested in, namely the biblical teaching regarding the role of women in church offices.  I believe that it is a direct violation of God’s Word (thus sinful) for women to take up leadership positions in the church (i.e. as pastors or elders).  Well, this article approvingly talked of women priests outnumbering men.  In summary, the author fo the article basically wanted to let us know that:  “More female priests are joining the Church of England than male ones for the first time ever, it can be disclosed as it takes another step towards the introduction of women bishops.”

The debating chamber at Church House, Westminster. Photo: AP

My initial response was:  “Where are all the men?”  It’s such a sad reality of our times particularly here in the West where a lot of men (if not most) have become too lethargic and sluggish to lead both in the home and the church.  The end result?  Well, somebody has to step up to the plate and lead – and the women are doing just that.  That’s the tragic reality that the Western Church (mostly) has to deal with.  But is that really the answer?  Should women take up these roles/offices which are clearly and divinely assigned to men?  The answer to this question and all it’s practical implications is no doubt complex.  Each particular situation where this is an issue would have to be evaluated individually and the practical implications would have to be worked out the same way.  However, violating the clear principles found in God’s Word is not the to deal with our social ills (e.g. lack of male leadership, etc).  Whatever we decide to do by way of addressing the lack of male leadership in our society, particularly in the church, we must unwaveringly adhere to the standard that has been set forth for us by God in His Holy Word! See 1 Timothy 2:9-15.

What is happening in the Church of England and other similar Christian denominations like the Church of Scotland or the Presbyterian Church – USA is quite sad and tragic.  One can only hope and pray that those who lead these denominations will come to their senses, repent and return to the clear teaching of Scripture on this issue!  But O, it’s a slippery slope and the devil seems to be holding a tight rein on these denominations with some relative success.  For most of such denominations, it all started with the erosion of biblical inerrancy.  Once that was thrown out of the window, then pretty much everything that men/women didn’t like could be thrown out of the window on one hand and everything that men/women wanted could be entertained in the church.  So, the ordination of women to church offices was brought into the church as 1 Timothy 2 and other related Scriptural passages were thrown out of the window.  Quite tragic isn’t it?  People are picking and choosing what they should and shouldn’t listen to in the Bible.  If I don’t like what Romans 1 says (for example), then I can just tear it out of my Bible, and so on and so forth.  That’s where we are today.  But what’s next?  Well, I hope and pray that there will be a spirit of repentance which will in turn bring a true reformation in these denominations so that Christ and His Holy Word may be honored.  That’s what I pray for!  Please join me.

Finally, a word to all Christian men reading this:  “Rise up, be men and start leading in your home and church as the Lord would have you do.”  I encourage you to watch/listen to the messages preached at this year’s pastors’ conference organized by Desiring God Ministries in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) especially these two:  1.  “Father Hunger” in Leading the Home, and 2.  “Father Hunger” in Leading the Church.

13 thoughts on “Where Are All the Men?

  1. It’s sad to see what happens when men leave their God-given role to women. The story of the fall, Adam left his God-given leadership role to Eve to debate with the serpent and the result was the fall. Men, it’s time to rise up to our God given role and lead in Christ like manner not with chauvinism as some have accused the orthodox Christianity.

    • Oh yes! We desperately need God’s help. Sad to see the church buying following the philosophies of man over against Scripture – very disturbing and unhealthy. But God’s Word will never fail and He will triumph in the end! Thank you for your comment! Blessings in Christ!

  2. The compromise of the word as well has contributed to this. If men had really stood up to the truth in the word of God, we wouldn’t have gone this far. However, the end is here, few real men will rise up and manifest to the world, that God changes not. They will uphold the truth in the word and apread it to the whole world and then the end shall. How I wish I could. Its my prayer.

    • Amen Khama! Let’s continue in prayer – the Lord is able to change our situation and raise up a new generation of men who will stand up for Him in our generation! Blessings in Christ!

  3. The problem is deeper and wider than you might realize. It is a culural phenomenon that comes into the church, all denominations, conservative and liberal. Most Conservative Christian colleges at the undergrad level are over 60% women now. Evangelical seminaries are seeing a huge increase of women too (not sure the numbers). In the workplace it’s epidemic. Men are at the mid and lower level in almost all my client (quasi-public) organizations, with women at the top, and industrial corporations at the headquarters level are not far behind in this trend. Man’s last stand is the factory and the mine. In government we see it too, the “matriarch-ization” of our institutions. They are increasingly rule-based legalistic organizations, not results-based, a fundamentally maternal management approach.

    That’s why I wanted to start boys’ schools in the West. I don’t see another way to create men other than starting from scratch. If we went out there and pounded the pulpit to men in the US right now on the issue, we would alienate ourselves, because 90% of the men, Christian and non-Christian, conserative and liberal, have been neutered already. But I decided I cant do that right now. I am building a company right now. Call me in 10 yrs when my company is either sold or being run by others. This would be a battle that would require full attention.

    • Thanks Tim for your encouraging comment! We desperately need the grace of God, don’t we? – for without Him we can do nothing. We (as men) need to learn the power of weakness – that we become stronger as we acknowledge our weaknesses and come to fully depend on Christ and the strength He provides for us. His strength is made more perfect in our weaknesses. There is nothing more energizing than the sufficient grace of God. Much of our weakness as men is due to the fact that we are proud and do not want to live in total dependence on God.

  4. Yes, yes. Wake up, men! What are your intentions, O sleepers! This a great need all over the world, both in church and home. We need to apply these truths. Do you lead family worship? Do you lead your family to God? Do you disciple your wife and children? Has any one of your children heard the gospel clearly and simply coming out of your mouth in the home? Just a few questions.

  5. Thank you for your post.

    I was reminded, perhaps too literally and probably out of context, of Lewis’ term “men without chests.” If men are not willing to heed the call, there will be women ready and waiting to take over, however reluctantly. And our culture of pragmatism will support women in roles of leadership, because it will work.

    • You are welcome Jeff – Yes, we need more men with chests – men with strong backbones – with the courage of convictions to stand up for what is right according to God’s Word not according to human standards. Let’s pray for that!

  6. God does not rely on our standards to make His purposes known. The current state of affairs in the church shows clearly that humanity has exalted its permissive ideas over God’s Counsel. There has never been a time where the church is in need of repentance like it is today. Men should be reawakened to stand up to their divinely appointed roles before the Lord reveals His anger.

  7. The only problem we have for men not to be joining ministry is lack of knowledge and commitment to do work of the Lord. If all men had a heart of serving the Lord with all their being we could not have such kind of problems but in some places people tend to twist the truth deliberately in order to get more members in their churches and satisfy desires of their hearts. What we need to do now is to go out there to train and teach sound doctrine which will bring reformation and embrace the truth from the Bible.

    • Thanks Timothy for your comments on this post. We definitely need to continue praying for a new reformation in the church today and a return to the Scriptures! Thanks bro! Hope school is going well. “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). Blessings in Christ!!

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