What I Expect From A Preacher!

When you are done reading this post, would you please take a moment and share with me what you expect from a preacher?  Thanks!

I came across this blog post this morning and really liked it.  It’s entitled, What I Expect From A Guest Preacher by Blake Appleby.  I think what Blake says applies not only to guest preachers but to all preachers in general.  Here is a summary:

1. Be Present
I know what you’re thinking—‘Being present would get the job done!

2. Preach the Gospel
Plain and simple—preach the Gospel…Spotlight Jesus! Believe in the undeniable truth of Isaiah 55:11 and exemplify Romans 1:16…You can’t go wrong with this.

3. Be Confident
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Speak…Remember, your job isn’t to FILL anyone, it’s to EMPTY yourself.

4. Show Honor
Honor flows in every direction. Honor Jesus, the Word, the Church, the Pastor and the students. Honor the time and the culture. Don’t treat anyone or anything as ordinary.

5. Be Real
Just be real with your audience. You’re not expected to be anyone but who you are in Christ. Speak from the overflow of what God is doing in your life. Be transparent.

Please pass this along to a friend or a preacher whom you would like to encourage.  But wait!

What do you expect from a preacher?  Feel free to post comments or send me your thoughts here.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “What I Expect From A Preacher!

  1. Personaly; a preacher is all childeren of god who use their experiences and spiritial tools to carry the gospel..To be free of all judgements as in people places and things..Free from ego which is (edge god out)Replacing ego with the humbleness of the saying” there by the grace of god there go I, or by the grace of god I am not in that mans position .Empty ones self i would expect to provide comfort ,strength and hope through experiences and miricles one has seen read or heard…

  2. I like the answers here okay enough, especially 5. I like the word candid to describe real, as long as its a reverent candid. Candid, forgiving, reverent . . . knowledgeable in the scriptures would be nice. I expect them to mess up, and to be able to see how God surpasses that. Honest, humble, those two are connected, both to each other and to candid. Forgiveness should flow from that, and bring about an atmosphere where God’s power is clearly visible. Hopeful should be in there. What is the difference between faith and hope? Is there much of a difference?

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