Charles Spurgeon: A New Biography

I have just finished listening to an audio recording of Spurgeon:  A New Biography by Arnold A. Dallimore.  It’s an excellent biography.  I found it to be very informative – I learned a lot about the times in which Spurgeon lived and ministered.  This biography also provides great insight into the kind of man Spurgeon was and how the Lord used him in the work of building His Kingdom and saving lost souls through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is a very good book, challenging, inspiring and soul-stirring in every way.  I heartily recommend it to all who would like to learn of this one man who is has been arguably given the title, the Prince of Preachers – although it is very probable that he himself would not have accepted that title because his whole life and ministry was pointed towards the exaltation of God and His Gospel through Jesus Christ.

You can access the audio recordings through this link.

Tim Challies published a helpful review of this book on Amazon.  Here it is:

There are more biographies devoted to Charles Spurgeon than to just about any other Christian figure. The first were written before his death (including his own autobiography) and hundreds have been written since. In the two years following his death, new biographies were published at the rate of one per month! One would be justified in asking, then, why we need another one. Arnold Dallimore answers this question in the preface, saying that in his studies he discovered no definitive volume. He found, for example, that no other biography gave a satisfactory account of Spurgeon’s ability as a theologian or the methods he used in leading souls to Christ. Also, his character was often made to appear weaker than it really was. And so Dallimore sought to remedy these faults in his volume which was first published in 1984.

You can read the entire review here.

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  1. Wish I could have an opportunity to have this. Some lives inspire alot, for sure I will see the God that he served than he himself with all this sweet background.

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