This Momentary Marriage – The Story of Ian & Larissa

Desiring God posted the story and video of Ian & Larissa which I found to be amazing and beautiful because it depicts for us all what Christ-like love looks like in a marriage.  We need strong Christ-centered marriages especially in our day where divorce is so rampant.  Unfortunately, many (including Christians) choose the “easy-way-out” when marriage gets difficult or tragedy hits as is the case in Ian & Lisa’s story.  But it is important for couples to realize that the foundation to a strong, enduring and thriving marriage relationship must be built on the things that are primary and NOT on things that are secondary.  To put it another way, Christ, His purpose for marriage, and His will and work in our personal lives should be the foundation as well as the goal of every Christian marriage.

I recommend this video to you along with John Piper’s book on marriage, This Momentary Marriage:  A Parable of Permanence.

Watch this video, learn from it, be challenged and remember to pray for Ian & Larissa.