Back from Uganda

Greetings everyone! My sincere apologies for the lapse is providing updates regarding our time in Uganda over the past two weeks. This was due to a very busy schedule but also sparse access to the internet. We are now in Malawi for the next couple of weeks. We had a blessed time in Uganda and I hope to give you some highlights over the next week or so. Thanks for your patience!

The Conference Has Began!!

Dear All,
The conference started well tonight.  I was so amazed at the turn out on this first night of the conference.  There were well over 100 pastors and laymen from various churches and denominations in Uganda and East Africa (mainly).  So far, nine (9) countries are being represented at the conference as follows:  Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Burundi, Scotland, Canada and the US.  Oh how we pray that the ripple effect of this conference will be used by God to transform lives in all these countries and around the world to the glory of Jesus Christ.

I took the first session tonight and preached on “The Urgency and Supremacy of Preaching” mainly from Romans 10:17 but also from Ezekiel 33:1-9.  We will be uploading all the conference messages soon onto the JTW site for those who may be interested in listening to them.  Please stay tuned.

Please pray for the other speakers as well as the participants tomorrow.  We have just began the conference with the one session tonight.  But from tomorrow, we have a pretty full schedule.  Please pray for strength on all of the speakers and listeners that we will not waste this golden opportunity to be nurtured and sharpened in the things of God especially for those of us who are ministers of the Word of God.

The JTW team from Malawi is doing well but Elliot has been battling malaria.  Please keep him in your prayers that he may recover quickly and regain his strengthen.  He is getting better but still a bit weak.  Thank you all for your faithful prayers. Please stay tuned for further updates during the course of the week.
In Christ,