“Set Your Minds on Things Above”

Continuing from my previous post, I would like to dedicate this and the next couple of posts to examining the practicalities of becoming like Christ as taught in the Scriptures particularly in Colossians 3:1-17.  In this section of Scripture, the Apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, clearly lays out for us what being like Christ looks like in real day-to-day living.  We will do well to consider his advice and pray for grace to lay it upon our hearts and practice these things in our lives to the glory of our God and Savior through Jesus Christ.   Continue reading

So, You Still Want to Become Like Christ?

So you still want to become like Christ?  That’s great!  There is no nobler pursuit for a Christian than this.  In fact, I would be so bold as to say, that this is the ultimate end of the work of redemption which the LORD God has accomplished in our place through the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of His Name.  This is the end for which He saved us – namely, that we might become like Christ.  This is and has always been  the LORD’s purpose for His children from all eternity.   Continue reading

You Really Want to Become Like Christ?

I once heard the following story and found it very interesting.  A man asks the LORD, “What’s a million years to you?”  The LORD answers, “A second.”  The man then asks a follow-up question, “So then, what’s a million dollars to You?”  To which the LORD responded, “A penny.”  With a big smile on his face the man came back with a third question, “LORD, could You please give me a penny?”  The LORD responded “Wait a second!”   Continue reading

‘The Best Sermon on Christianity and Politics’

From the Gospel Coalition Blog:

The Story: While preaching his way through the Gospel of Mark, Mark Dever came to that section where Jesus is questioned about paying taxes to Caesar (Mark 12:13-17).

Despite standing in a pulpit five blocks from the Capitol, Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., doesn’t often plunge into politics from the pulpit. He doesn’t believe that to be his calling. The text that September 2010 morning, however, demanded reflection on how believers should think about and relate to the political realm.   Continue reading

The Christian Faith & Politics in America

Tonight, the world will watch the last face-to-face presidential debate in the United States of America between the incumbent, President Barack Hussein Obama (of the Democratic Party) and Mitt Romney (of the Republican Party).  I am very interested in politics in general.  I like to follow the lives and development of political leaders in history and how they have led their lives.  So, I have been following with interests the major developments (not all the details) relating to the upcoming presidential election in the USA.  I am looking forward to watching tonight’s debate simply because I am interested in seeing how each of the candidates will perform and defend their positions on the various matters in tonight’s debate.   Continue reading

True patriotism! A Letter to Pastors from John Newton

Dear friend,
Allow me to say, that it excites both my wonder and concern, that a Christian minister such as yourself, should think it worth his while to attempt political reforms. When I look around upon the present state of the nation, such an attempt appears to me, to be no less vain and foolish, than it would be to paint the cabin—while the ship is sinking! Or to decorate the parlor—while the house is on fire!   Continue reading