Pray for Your Pastor Often

Tim Challies on his blog recently wrote about this very topic.  As a young and inexperienced pastor, I couldn’t agree more.  I often remind the congregation that the Lord has entrusted to me of this very thing.  And I am thankful that they do this often.

The Apostle Paul often asked the mission churches that he worked with to pray for him.  See the following examples:  

If the Apostle Paul needed so much prayer, I definitely need more!  Challies writes on his blog:  “I’ve been noticing a lot (an awful lot!) of articles lately that call on people to do this very thing. What interests me is that nearly all of these have been written by pastors. The point is clear: Pray for your pastor!”

I couldn’t agree more.  As a pastor, I see the reality of the spiritual battles that I have to face day by day.  Dear brother or sister (reading this), please remember to pray for your pastor often.  I would even go a step further to say that do not be afraid to ask your pastor how you can specifically be praying for you.  In any case, your pastor would appreciate knowing that you are praying for him often.

If you would like to read what other pastors have written on this topic, here are just a few of the articles (from Challies’ blog) which may help with the specifics of what you can pray about:

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