The Beauty and Simplicity of Moment-by-Moment Dependence on Christ

Life often throws curve-balls on us.  But for those who have learned to depend on Christ can live each moment looking forward to the day when their faith shall be sight.  But the wonderful thing is that the Lord often uses such moments in life to teach us (His children) the beauty and simplicity of moment-by-moment dependency on Christ.  We may not understand everything now, but farther along, we will (certainly in glory).

Farther along we’ll know more about it,
Farther along we’ll understand why;
Cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine,
We’ll understand it all by and by.

“Give us this day our daily bread” reads the fourth petition in the Lord’s Prayer.  Have you taken the time to consider all that this truly means?  What does it really mean to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread?”  Better yet, what does it really mean to live in light of the truth(s) that this petition presupposes and teaches us?

This petition as all the other petition in the Lord’s Prayer are pregnant and heavy with deep, life-transforming, faith-building and Christ-exalting lessons.  Among all the other lessons which can be drawn from this petition, I think chief among them has to do with the beauty and simplicity of moment-by-moment dependence on Christ.  That sums it up very well for me and I am content.  Not only am I content, but I am also instructed and reminded of several other BIG truths:

1.  The Sufficiency of Christ:  Christ is truly sufficient to meet ALL my needs (note:  needs NOT wants).  He is sufficient to meet my needs for both the soul and the body.

2.  Simple and Daily Dependency on Christ:  Because Christ is sufficient, I can depend on Him – and yes, I need to depend on Him – daily going to Him for bread even as the children of Israel had to go out daily (except on the Sabbath) to pick manna for their daily sustenance.

3.  God is in the Details of Life:  This perhaps might not be so obvious at first glance.  But this petition teaches us that God (in Christ) will always provide for us everything we need.  Conversely, it teaches us that God will withhold from us what we don’t need.  Or to put it another way,the Lord will be sure to give us everything we need and to withhold from us anything and everything we don’t need (anything that is not good for us).  It is this that I would like to focus on because most of life is lived here and we as Christians need to learn not only how to cope but how to welcome ALL and receive ALL that the LORD gives us without fear but knowing that behind them all, there is the mighty hand of our loving Heavenly Father.  My times are in God’s hands (Psalm 31:15).  Knowing and embracing this truth gives us strength to go on trusting the LORD day by day especially in the moments when we feel “deprived” of our daily bread.  Somewhere down the road (certainly in glory), it will all make sense.

If you are feeling “deprived” of your daily bread because of pain in your life caused by whatever (anything), remember the beauty and simplicity of moment-by-moment dependence on Christ.  He mean for you to find your satisfaction in Him today, in your present circumstance.  So go to Christ now as a child to a loving father and cry to Him for “this day” “daily bread.”  He will never send you back empty.  But remember the petition says, “Give us this day,our daily bread.”  Whatever the Lord gives you is not yours alone.  It’s a family blessing to be shared with others.  Has He given you nourishment for today?  Consider sharing it with others in need.  Has He given you comfort in sorrow?  Consider reaching out to those going through pain.  Has He given you a cross to bear for His own glory?  Rejoice in that and share that joy with others and make much of Christ as you live out day by day in the beauty and simplicity of moment-by-moment dependency on Christ.