The Christian Faith & Politics in America

Tonight, the world will watch the last face-to-face presidential debate in the United States of America between the incumbent, President Barack Hussein Obama (of the Democratic Party) and Mitt Romney (of the Republican Party).  I am very interested in politics in general.  I like to follow the lives and development of political leaders in history and how they have led their lives.  So, I have been following with interests the major developments (not all the details) relating to the upcoming presidential election in the USA.  I am looking forward to watching tonight’s debate simply because I am interested in seeing how each of the candidates will perform and defend their positions on the various matters in tonight’s debate.  

This election is very unique, especially for many of our American Christian brothers and sisters.  Many genuine Christians are facing a real dilemma with respect to who to vote for next month.  Many (I think wrongly) have chosen the path of least resistance by opting out (deciding not to vote).  Others who have decided to vote are confused as to who they should vote for.  Neither of the two candidates seem to be worthy their vote and they are confused.  While many Christians (and non-Christians for that matter) have pretty much decided against voting for Obama, not all are comfortable with the thought of voting for a Mormon candidate.

I don’t claim to have any answers to offer to our Christian brothers and sisters in America except to say that I will be praying for them.  However, I would just like to encourage them all to go and vote and to seek wisdom from the Lord as to the man for whom they should cast their vote.

John Piper has a helpful post on the Desiring God website on this topic and he has decided that he is going to vote.  If you are interested in reading Piper’s thoughts on this, visit the Desiring God blog by clicking on this link:  I Am Going to Vote.

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  1. The people of America will have to vote, much as we appreciate leaders have not met our expectations in the past. The choice of leaders it to our Lord, yet it is the lucky chosen that chose not realise this and be grateful to God. They become shadows of themselves, leaving behind the poor and destitute. However, we are all duty bound.

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