The Christian Life is Serious Business

“[Christians] are [not] to dismiss cheerfulness—may the Lord give us more of it, for it is as oil to wheels and is a high recommendation of religion to the unconverted. There are some who are a deal too gloomy in their religion and seem to think that the Grace of God is never displayed by them unless they are sullen and doleful.

But at the same time there is a flippancy which is not commendable and a levity which is far from the mind of Christ! Christian life is not child’s play. We, above all men, ought to make our lives sublime and not ridiculous. We are not called into this world to trifle away the hours and kill time in doing nothing, for this life links itself to eternity and that eternity, in spite of all that is said to the contrary, will be one of endless misery or of endless joy! It is, therefore, no small thing to possess an immortal mind and to be responsible before God. Sin is no trifle, pardon is no trifle and condemnation is no trifle! Eternal life is precious beyond all things, but to lie under the wrath of God is dreadful beyond conception! I love to see, especially in young Christians, with regard to the things of God, deep seriousness of purpose and spirit, showing that they feel it to be a weighty thing to be a Christian and that they cannot afford to have their Christianity put under the shadow of suspicion, nor dare they appear to be mere players upon a stage, for they fear and tremble at His Word.”

From Spurgeon’s Sermon entitled The Holdfast, (Sermon No. 1418) preached on June 9, 1878.

One thought on “The Christian Life is Serious Business

  1. A wonderful choice to be with Christ all long surely brings happiness. The thorns will still be there, the happier part is what we should dwell more. Why not? I’m blessed.

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