Sinclair Ferguson Shares 4 Principles Regarding the Exercise of Christian Freedom

I thought these were good, straight forward and simple.  Found them very helpful.  Here they are:

Principle 1: Christian liberty must never be flaunted. “Whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God” (Rom. 14:22, NIV).

Principle 2: Christian liberty does not mean that you welcome fellow Christians only when you have sorted out their views on X or Y (or with a view to doing that).

Principle 3: Christian liberty ought never to be used in such a way that you become a stumbling block to another Christian (Rom. 14:13).

Principle 4: Christian liberty requires grasping the principle that will produce this true biblical balance: “We … ought … not to please ourselves… . For even Christ did not please himself ” (Rom. 15:1–3).

To read Ferguson’s entire article, click on this link:  4 Principles for the Exercise of Christian Liberty on the Ligonier blog.