Announcing the JTW Resource Center for Christian Missions & Apologetics at Kasungu Boma, MALAWI

Earlier this year, at Joy to the World Ministries (JTW), we decided to establish a Resource Center for Christian Missions and Apologetics at Kasungu, Boma in Malawi, Africa (for those who may not know where that is).  This fledgling operation is intended to be used as a tool for the growth and strengthening of the Christian Church/Faith in Malawi and beyond.


Among other things, this center will facilitate such things as:  evangelism and discipleship training; training missionaries and providing ministry resources to them; etc – all in conjunction with local churches.

The Resource Center will also operate a literature ministry that will consist of such activities as writing, producing and distributing Christian literature with the purpose of equipping the saints to “contend for the faith once for all delivered to us.”  Seminars will also be organized at or through the Resource Center where lectures on the various tenets of the Christian faith will be given by well-trained, Bible teachers.

The Resource Center also houses a library which is open to all (upon applying and being approved for membership).  The library has already been serving a majority of pastors, church leaders and the laity alike for quite some time now.  Our hope is to build a strong library so that we can provide books and other useful ministry resources which are needed in Kasungu and Malawi as a whole.

At the Resource Center, JTW also has a number of computers which we want to make available to the general public but especially pastors.  We plan to install Bible Software programs on the computers for the purposes of research and study, mainly for pastors but also lay Christians.

These some of the services that we hope to provide to the residents of Kasungu and the surrounding areas through the JTW Resource Center for Christian Missions & Apologetics.

You Can Help!

1.  Spread the word in Kasungu – especially among pastors and other church leaders.  Encourage them to take advantage of these new services, a number of which are already being provided at the Resource Center.

2.  Pray for this work – that the Lord may bless the vision for this Resource Center and that the desired goals will be achieved.

3.  If you feel moved to assist us in any way (i.e. sharing your ideas regarding what else could be done through the Resource Center, donating some good Christian books, volunteering your time to go and help, etc), please know that we will gladly welcome your assistance.