The Big Man Syndrome!!

The Christian life is a paradox. You go up by going down; you gain by losing; you live by dying, etc. Jesus Christ was very careful and concerned that His first disciples understood this. He wanted them to learn that Christian discipleship is all about servitude not status. But this goes against every grain in our natural constitutions as fallen beings – everybody wants to be great – first and the important man. And yet, this is the life to which the Lord Jesus Christ called His first disciples and to this same life, He calls all of His disciples today – a life focused on servant-hood and not status. I was helped in thinking about this in a recent study in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9:30-41. I have been preaching through the Gospel of Mark in our local congregation over the past year or so and we are now towards the end of chapter 9. I preached on THE BIG MAN SYNDROME last Sunday and was greatly helped by the LORD in delivering His Word to His people. If you would like to listen to that sermon, please click on the image below.

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How the LORD Used My Time in Malawi to Bring Me Back To Himself – A Testimony from John Campbell

Yesterday, after our morning worship service, I had the wonderful privilege of talking with John Campbell who is visiting some relatives in town who happen to be members of the congregation that I serve here in New Westminster, British Columbia.  As we talked, he shared with me how the LORD used his time in Malawi in the early 70’s to bring him back to Himself.  John lived in Malawi for two years and worked as an engineer with a Canadian volunteer organization.  Little did he know that the LORD would use his time in Malawi to bring open His heart to the gospel.

I asked John if he would share this wonderful story of God’s redemption in his life with us on camera and he kindly agreed to do so.  Thank you John!

A number of things resonated with me as John and I talked after the morning service.  These are the things that made me think that this story ought to be shared with a broader audience:

1.  How wonderful and amazing is the LORD in His ways – especially with regards to the salvation of sinners and the forgiveness which He offers through Jesus Christ (Isaiah 55:8-9; Romans 11:33-36).

2.  The way John talked about Christ as a Friend – a real personal and trusted Friend who is always with him everywhere he goes.

3.  John also said something that resonated with me when I asked him about his hope of glory.  Without missing a beat and with a smile on his face, he said, “I can’t wait to get there!”  He goes on in the video to explain what he means by that, “I certainly don’t fear death…”  How wonderful!

4.  Finally, he shared his concern for Canada which has become so secular and very much against Christianity.  He expressed a strong and passionate desire to see the people of Canada who have turned their backs against the LORD being brought back to Him.  Canada is a wide open mission field indeed and we definitely need help here!

I hope that you will watch the video yourself and get a glimpse of what John and I shared today.  Please pray for us as we continue serving the LORD here!

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Ministerial Confessions by Horatious Bonar (1809-1889)

We have been carnal and unspiritual. The tone of our life has been low and earthly. Associating too much and too intimately with the world, we have in a great measure become accustomed to its ways. Hence our spiritual tastes have been vitiated, our consciences blunted, and that sensitive tenderness of feeling has worn off and given place to an amount of callousness of which we once, in fresher days, believed ourselves incapable.

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