10 Things to Pray for Your Wife via Jonathan Parnell – Desiring God

Praying Man

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Our hunger for God will not be confined to our closets. As we know him and delight in all that he is for us in Jesus, our joy in him reaches beyond personal experience on a quest to be reproduced in others. One of the simplest ways we realize this is by taking serious how we pray — by wanting and asking for others the same things we want and ask for ourselves.

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The Recent Issue of the APC Magazine is Here! Christ-centered Preaching!


Our denomination, the Associated Presbyterian Church puts out this magazine every two months which is accessible online for FREE to anyone interested.  The current issue has been posted online and is on Christ-centered Preaching!  You preachers out there will want to check it out.  If you are not a preacher, there is still much in it that you would benefit from – and please pass the word around to your pastors.  You will be happy and blessed they read this.

We have good articles on the subject from wonderful men of God and great biblical scholars and theologians like Dennis Johnson, Michael Horton, Robert Godfrey, Brian Estelle, etc.  Pick up a FREE copy here:  Christ-centered Preaching – APC NEWS.

You can also access older issues using the same link above.  Blessings!

The Secret to A Productive Life


1. Know God.

2. Know yourself.

3.  Know Christ.

4.  Know Your Calling and give yourself to it wholeheartedly.

5.  Determine Your Values.

6.  Determine Your Priorities.

7.  Live Your Life As If Nobody Cares Except God. Put all your eggs in His basket.

8.  Spend and be spent in service to Christ and others.

9.  Sit Back, Relax and Be Amazed!  Watch what He will do.

10.  Give Him all the glory for any good that comes out of your life.