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Exposing T.B. Joshua’s Patch-work Prophecies!

It’s really sad to see how many people have bought into the patch-work “prophecies” of T. B. Joshua and other “prophets” like him.  Shepherd Bushiri being one of them.  Besides having lots of followers, these men are false teachers and false prophets at their best and manipulators of God’s Word and God’s people at their worst!  You should not follow them or their teachings – they will lead you astray.  They want to make you believe that the Christian faith is all about you.  There is nothing about the glory of God in what they do or teach. It’s all about man and his need and not God and His glory!  That is the main problem at the core of these men’s teachings and ministries.  They are more man-centered than God centered.

Psalm 67 – Beautiful Singing from the New Westminster Chapel, New Westminster, BC.

1.  O God, to us show mercy, And bless us in Thy grace; Cause Thou to shine upon us; The brightness of Thy face;

2.That so Thy way most holy; on earth may soon be known; and unto ev’ry people; Thy saving grace be shown.

3.  O God, let peoples praise Thee; Let all the people sing;

4.  Let nations now be joyful; Let songs of gladness ring; For Thou wilt judge the peoples

In truth and righteousness; And o’er the earth shall nations Thy leadership confess.

5.  O God, let peoples praise Thee; Let all the people sing;

6.  For earth in rich abundance; To us her fruit will bring.  God, our own God, will bless us;

Yea, God will blessing send; And all the earth shall fear Him; To its remotest end.

Killing Sin Before It Kills You

bekillingsin (1)The Christian life is WAR!  If you don’t know that or don’t agree with that, then you are not a Christian.  Every Christian knows from God’s Word and from personal experience that there is a war going on!  It is a war over your soul.  The flesh against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh (Galatians 5:17).  This is why so many times in the Bible we are called to “fight.”  To be a Christian is to be perpetually committed to, and engaged in a life-time battle against sin and the devil.  Thank God, we don’t have to fight alone or in our own strength.  The battle is the LORD’s (1 Samuel 17:47).  It is the LORD who works in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13).

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