Exposing T.B. Joshua’s Patch-work Prophecies!

It’s really sad to see how many people have bought into the patch-work “prophecies” of T. B. Joshua and other “prophets” like him.  Shepherd Bushiri being one of them.  Besides having lots of followers, these men are false teachers and false prophets at their best and manipulators of God’s Word and God’s people at their worst!  You should not follow them or their teachings – they will lead you astray.  They want to make you believe that the Christian faith is all about you.  There is nothing about the glory of God in what they do or teach. It’s all about man and his need and not God and His glory!  That is the main problem at the core of these men’s teachings and ministries.  They are more man-centered than God centered.

Over the next little while, I would like to discuss some of the flaws that I see in the teachings, lives and ministries of these men on the basis of God’s Word.  I hope to be of some help to those who like me have been wondering about them and how popular they are becoming by the day.  In the end, I hope to expose their errors from the Word of God and bring to better light what the Bible really teaches concerning sinful man and the glory of God as revealed in Christ.  So, stay tuned!  Lord willing, I hope that we will have a fruitful and edifying conversation on this for sake of building our faith in the LORD and ultimately for His glory alone.
WARNING:  Nasty and unkind comments not allowed!  Thank you and God bless!
For now, take a look at this video for starters:

10 thoughts on “Exposing T.B. Joshua’s Patch-work Prophecies!

  1. This will be an interesting read Pastor. I’ve read some online arguments on the same lines against the Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua. Most of them arguments that did not carry weight.

    I’m looking forward to see how different your facts will be on the same.

    • I appreciate you sharing this Graycian. Can I ask you to please pray for/with me asking the LORD to give me wisdom on how to deal with this fairly and truthfully? Thanks! Good day!

  2. Dear Brother,     Scripture clearly states that we ought not to Judge for it not for us to do so Thomson Kwatine


    • Thanks Brother Thomson for your comment – but I think there is a difference between judging and exposing erroneous (unbiblical) doctrine. I hope to focus on the later!

    • If you can, please follow along as I work on this and see if you will not agree with my conclusions on this. I think it’s too early to start mudslinging – in fact, this is the wrong place – I am not interested in that – I am simply concerned with the proclaiming and defending the Truth as revealed to us in God’s Word and in Christ, Himself. Blessings!

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