“As Thy Days So Shall Thy Strength Be”

What a wonderful day this has been!  I praise the LORD God for sustaining me through it all.  Was a bit unsure how things would go today with all the preaching that I had to do, but I praise Him for giving me His grace and strength to sustain me through it all!  Many thanks to everyone who was praying for/with me over the weekend as I was preparing to preach the Word of God today.  May the LORD richly bless you!  Tomorrow (Monday, September 9, 2013), I will be teaching my first Perspectives class, part of a 15-week course which our congregation is hosting for the first time.  Will be giving a 2 hour lecture  entitled, “The Living God is a Missionary God.”  Looking forward to it – but I would like to ask for your prayers once again in these three specific ways:

1.  Pray that the LORD will be glorified in all that happens in tomorrow’s class and throughout the next 15 weeks as we run this course.

2.  Pray for the LORD’s blessing and anointing on all the lectures who will be teaching this course over these 15 weeks.

3.  Pray for the LORD’s blessing and anointing on all the students who will be taking the class (don’t have the precise # yet) – but pray with me that this will prove to be a life transforming course.

Above all, please join me in giving thanks to the LORD God for giving our small congregation the opportunity to host this course – and for allowing me the opportunity to teach the first class!  It’s truly all of grace and totally undeserved!  Will give you an update on this tomorrow, Lord willing!  To God be the glory!!