The T. B. Joshua Appeal! Who Is T. B. Joshua Anyway and Why Does He Matter?

I have been greatly overwhelmed and encouraged at the same by the responses that I have received to the post which I entitled Exposing T.B. Joshua’s Patch-Work Prophecies.

T. B. Joshua 2I am overwhelmed at the number of people who truly seem to be behind T.B. Joshua and his teachings.  I am encouraged, because in this, I see a great and wonderful opportunity not only to expose the errors and flaws in T.B. Joshua’s doctrine and that of others like him – I hope and plan to do that.  But more than that, I am encouraged or should I say excited (as my American friends are fond of saying) – I see this as a great opportunity of bring to light what the Word of God teaches in the hopes that by His grace and by the working of His Holy Spirit, the LORD’s will and purposes might be fulfilled in my own heart and life and in the life of everyone who is following these discourses.  Furthermore, I pray that when it’s all said and done, we will all come out of this far better Christians, more knowledgeable of what the Bible actually teaches of the matters to be discussed – and above all – more like the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior!  That’s my hope and prayer!  Will you please join me in that?  Thank you.

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