Assorted Menu – December 24, 2014


when-will-my-life-not-suckWhen Will My Life Not Suck? by Ramon Presson (as Tim Challies says, this is a bad title for a good book).  But the book is worth reading and it’s available on Amazon for only $2.51.

Signs of Desperation for Membership in the Church of Scotland:  In apparent desperation, the Moderator for the Church of Scotland is subtly proposing to introduce virtual church membership for the denomination.  “I’m looking for a way of including the many hundreds of people who are fully engaged in the practical and project work that our churches are doing throughout Scotland, but whose belonging to the faith community is not necessarily complemented by regular attendance at Sunday worship.” I find this appalling.  What about Hebrews 10:24-25 and related Bible passages?

Seizing Solar Power in Argentina:  Read about one woman’s mission to harness solar rays to chart a path to energy independence in arid northern Argentina.

Every Homeless Person Has a Story:  A homeless man is given $100 and secretly followed to see how he will spend it – what he does is unbelievable.  Watch this video to find out.

Bibliotheca Update:  This short video (just a little over 4 minutes long), gives the most recent update on the Bibliotheca update.  Bibliotheca is the entire biblical library separated into volumes and designed purely for reading. The text is reverently treated in classic typographic style, free of all added conventions such as chapter numbers, verse numbers, section headers, cross references and notes.  This video provides gives some background information to the Bibliotheca project.

2 thoughts on “Assorted Menu – December 24, 2014

  1. Thank you, Fletcher, for your ministry. This is posted with love to you all in our Blessed Saviour’s name. I am prayerfully preparing two sermons for coming Lord’s Day – one on Hebrews 13: “The Unchanging Jesus”; and the second on Ezekiel 11:19 “The Lord’s Time and Type of giving.”
    How wonderfully rich is our God ! Amen.

    • Thanks Calum! May the Lord bless you as you work on the sermons. We are studying Jeremiah and being challenged a lot! First time to go through Jeremiah in such detail and I am really being blessed and I trust that everyone at church is as well. Every blessing!

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