Kindle Fire for Your Soul: Putting Yourself in the Path of God’s Grace

Stock Taking for Your Soul

Every good business man will from time to time, close his business for stock taking.  This is standard practice for any business to succeed.  Closing a business for stock taking on a regular basis, allows the business owner to think carefully about his business and form an opinion about his business so that he can then decide how to best to run the business.  While the experience might be gruesome (especially when things are bad), it is good in the long run; while it might be painful, it is profitable; while it halts the business for a while, it is healthy for the business in the long-term.  Every good business man understands that.  The principle extends and applies to everything in our lives.  It applies to our cars (we have to get them serviced every so often so that we can keep using them).  Our bodies need regular check-ups by doctors so that we can continue living in them.  Our dishes need cleaning every day so that we can keep using them.  Our clothes need washing from time to time so that we can keep wearing them, on and on it goes.  It just makes sense.  It is so natural to do these things. Continue reading