Why God Hates Censored Prayers

imageCensored prayers make God vomit. That’s my description of censored prayers. If you take that description, then this follows:  God is vomiting all the time. Why? Because Christians can’t seem to stop praying these censored prayers to Him and so He has to vomit them.

God hates censored prayers because:  

1. They are not real. It’s that simple. God hates counterfeits of any kind. Do you wonder why Jesus was constantly denouncing the Pharisees?  That’s the reason. They weren’t real. They always wore masks to hide their real self and Jesus couldn’t stand that. So, He exposed them. He could see what was behind their masks and it wasn’t pretty. When we wear masks in our prayers and pretend to be holier than we really are – or prayer simply out of ritual or duty, God will vomit those prayers. Worse still, if we pray to impress God or others using high and lofty words while our hearts are unengaged, we only incite God’s hatred and the results are always regrettable.  

2.  They are no good in crisis. When you are drowning, you have no time to fake it. You will either cry out for rescue or you will drown with a smile on your face. You can’t have it both ways. But how many Christians put on fake “smiles” when approaching God in prayer. Or when confessing sin, they talk as if it’s nothing – not as bad – or as if God doesn’t already know which just makes God sick. It should make us sick too – sick enough to stop praying such kinds of prayers.

3. They mock God. God wants you to get real with Him especially when you pray. Get real with Him. Don’t pretend. He already knows everything about you. When will you learn that God is more honoured by simple and honest prayers. Prayers which actually call to Him in truth?  He already knows the truth. He knows everything about you. He knows all your sins – your darkest thoughts, your secret lies, your evil behaviour, etc. He already know them all. Why hide them from Him? He already knows all of your dreams and ambitions. What’s the use in pretending He doesn’t. He knows all of your hurts, disappointments and frustrations. It’s foolish not to talk to Him about what He already knows – especially because He wants you to.

Learn from the Psalms. The Bible gives us many examples of uncensored, honest, no holds barred prayers. Go through your Bible, especially the Psalms. You will find so many of them – prayed by God’s people who talked to Him simply and honestly. They poke of their brokenness because of sin (David in Psalm 51). They talked to Him in their desperation when things weren’t going as they expected – when the facts of life didn’t match their faith, i.e. what they believed about God (Asaph in Psalm 73).  They sometimes questioned God’s actions in moments of pain and anguish (David in Psalm 22).

Outside of the Psalms, we have many other examples. Jacob, Job, Jeremiah, Habakkuk – just to name a few. Read the prayers of these men to God. That will cure you of any tendency you may have to pray polite, censored, and sanitized prayers to God – and you yourself will notice the difference.

Learn from Christ. It’s no coincidence that Christ quoted Psalm 22:1 (mentioned above), and cried out in pain and anguish when He was forsaken by God on the cross where He was dying for sin (ours not His own – He had no sin). Before the cross, He also wrestled with God in prayer and bore His soul out before God (se Matthew 26:36-46).

We are all naked before God. That’s an indisputable fact. God wants us to admit that especially in our prayers. He loves people who are real with Him – not pretenders – and He blesses them. So, go ahead and get real with God the next time you pray to Him. Tell Him all your hurts and disappointments; your sins and failures; your shuttered hopes and dreams; your joys and sorrows. Argue with Him if you must. He would rather have you argue with Him in truth than pretend to a “good boy” or “good girl.”

God can take a challenge.  Go ahead and argue with Him but don’t expect to win. No one has ever won an argument with God. But no one has been punished for arguing with God in honesty and in childlike faith. We approach God as “Our Father” when we pray and He is always ready to respond to our prayers when we come to Him in sincerity and truth. He is more ready to answer us than we are to pray to Him. He is more ready to forgive our sins than we are to ask for His forgiveness for them. He is more ready to heal our hurts than we are to ask for healing from them. He is more ready to bless than we are to ask for His blessing, etc. Go ahead and try Him. You will never come back empty.

Before they call I will answer; while they are speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24).