God in His Holiness vs Man in His Sin

We will never fully understand the holiness of God – but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.  The holiness of God is so important that we can’t afford to ignore it.  Because we must deal with God, we must of necessity deal with His majestic holiness.  The more we meditate on the holiness of God, the more we appreciate why sin totally cuts us off from God – and the more we will cry out to Him for forgiveness through the blood of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. A vision of God’s holiness helps us understand the depth of our sin and that is good for our souls.  John Stott says it best:

JB-Holiness-1-1280x768Even though we may not realize it now, the most terrible result of sin is that it cuts us off from God. Our highest destiny is to know God, to be in personal relationship with him. Our chief claim to nobility as human beings is that we were made in the image of God and are therefore capable of knowing him. But this God whom we are meant to know and whom we ought to know is a righteous Being, infinite in his moral perfection. The Bible consistently stresses this truth:   Continue reading

A Malawian Student Makes His Own TV Station

I couldn’t resist sharing this! Quite innovative! Bravo Malawi!

Ndiho Media

By Paul Ndiho
Innovation is happening across Africa, in all different sectors, from education to energy, banking to agriculture and in television broadcasting. In Malawi, a university student has created a community TV station called “analog TV project” one that he hopes will transmit all social events taking place on campus. Malawi TV Project
Chisomo Daka is a student at the University of Malawi’s chancellor college. He is pursuing a degree in education science and he is trying to make his mark in the television broadcasting industry. By his own admission, he says that he is not an engineer by training, nor does he claim to know much about engineering. But his love and passion for tale-communications has inspired him to build from scratch a community television station. Daka says he hopes to use this TV station to broadcast social events and student projects throughout the entire campus.
“We have been able to…

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