Boko Haram vs Charlie Hebdo

Just thinking out loud here.  Yesterday day, over 40 world leaders and about 4 million people participated in a solidarity march in the defense of press freedom and democracy according to one prominent world leader.  The tragic loss of 17 lives in Paris is what started it all.

charlie hebdo 1But we have heard about worse atrocities happening around the globe and yet, there has not been the same reaction from world leaders.  For example, on Sunday, two female suicide attackers killed four people and injured more than 40 people in the town of Potiskum in Nigeria. Just a day before that, a 10-year-old suicide bomber killed 19 people also in Nigeria.
boko haramOn Wednesday last week, the same day as the Paris attacks, Boko Haram attacked a town called Baga and killed close to 2,000 people.  Many people in the surrounding areas, had to leave their homes and flee for safety elsewhere. And yet, no solidarity march in Lagos or some other part of Nigeria protesting these barbaric acts. Is one on the horizon perhaps?