I Went Street Preaching This Morning!

This morning, I had the rare privilege of street preaching at the Newton Bus Exchange in Surrey. As I left my house at around 7:00 am, I was whispering prayers to the Lord. I am new to street or open air preaching. I don’t recall having ever done it in my life. I have done lots of street evangelism (sharing the gospel with people on the street one-on-one). But street preaching has always been a foreign territory to me – rather intimidating. So you can imagine the kinds of prayers I was praying this morning. I got to the Newton Bus Exchange – scanned the place as I made my way to a nearby parking lot. Sitting in my parked car, prayers for courage, strength and boldness were naturally flowing out of my heart to the LORD – as I listened to the hymn, “Abide with me.”
Megaphone2_1.jpg52358dd7-f493-46f8-9121-917597864edcOriginalI got out of the car and slowly walked to the bus stands. There were a number of people there waiting for buses – some going to work, some coming from work – some going to school, etc. I froze. Didn’t know how to begin. I stood there for a while – Bible in hand. Prayed, flipped through the pages of my Bible – read the passage that I was to preach on (Matthew 11:28-30) to myself over and over.

Then suddenly I saw a man walking toward where I was standing. I decided to make a move and so I began talking with him and was able to share God’s Word with him. He listened attentively and we had a good dialogue on the Scriptures.
Then I talked to another – read the Scriptures to him – and it happened. The Lord gave me the courage to begin preaching. I was there for about an hour and managed to preach to three different groups of people as they waited for their buses.
In the end, what was terribly intimidating at first, became terribly exciting – oh how wonderful to be able to speak for my Lord! To be an instrument in His hands. What was most surprising to me was how attentive people were – they willingly listened as I read and preached the Word of God to them. I pray that the Lord will bless His Word to the hearts of all who heard it this morning and that something of what was read and/or preached will take root in their hearts – and work faith in those who do not yet believe – and build up those who already do believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord! Back at it at 7:00 am tomorrow. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on His Word and servant.