Reflecting on 2 Weeks of Street Preaching

international1400I am so thankful to the Lord for the opportunities I have had these past 2 weeks to preach His Word at the Newton Bus Exchange. The third week has just began and as I reflect on the past 2 weeks, my heart is filled with such great joy. What a privilege the Lord has given me to preach His Word daily! Truly humbled by such a great blessing bestowed upon me not only to be numbered among His children saved by grace through the merits of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ – but to also be one of His servants. There is no greater joy than to be in Christ and to be an instrument in His hands.

One of the joys from the past two weeks is that I am beginning to form relationships with some of the people who usually travel by bus. There are many people who have to take the bus daily to go work, school, etc. I see many of these people everyday and they see me. We may not always talk, but we notice each other. However, I have had the special privilege of being able to talk with some and relationships are naturally being formed with these people.

Last Friday, I enjoyed talking to a couple of international students (from Iraq and Cameroon) who are studying here. Being new to Canada, they somehow feel lost. Both of them mentioned how frustrating and difficult it has been trying to find a good/faithful church. They want to study the Bible deeper but do not know where to go to find help. My wife and I have for many years talked about starting an outreach to international students here – and it seems that the Lord is leading us closer and closer to the day when we will actually get to do this. It seems that he has brought us to this part of Surrey for such a ministry as this among other things. So, Lord willing, we will be launching a new Bible Study in October specially targeting students (local and international). Please remember to pray with us regarding this new ministry venture. Specifically, please pray that the Lord will prepare our hearts and get us ready to serve these students and minister to their physically as well as spiritual needs. Many of these students lack godly company, they lack provisions (i.e. finances), food, and most importantly, they lack spiritual guidance. While we may not be able to meet all their needs, we do look forward to the opportunity to meet some of them as the Lord leads and provides.