These are some of my favorite Christian Magazines:

  • Books & Culture – A bimonthly review that engages the contemporary world from a Christian perspective. Every issue contains in-depth reviews of books that merit critical attention, as well as shorter notices of significant new titles.
  • Boundless – A webzine of Focus on the Family with encouragement and advice for navigating relationships, career, culture, faith and more. Boundless helps you mature in Christ as a foundation for marriage and family.
  • Christianity Today – A magazine by Christianity Today which provides evangelical-thought leaders and readers a sense of community, coherence, and direction through thoughtful, biblical commentary on issues and through careful, caring reporting of the news.
  • First Things – A publication of The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.
  • Modern Reformation – A magazine that explicates timeless Christian doctrines in a timely publication. Its purpose is to be a catalyst for reformation in our day and longs to see a second reformation take hold of our churches and return them to the God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-wrought places of worship they should be.
  • Reformation21 – An online magazine (ezine) created to serve, edify, and educate Christians by presenting an authoritative reformed perspective, while embracing various denominational positions, on a variety of relevant historic matters, current issues, and thoughtful positions that inform, inspire, and challenge Christians to think and grow biblically.
  • Tabletalk – A magazine of Ligonier Ministries which provides a substantive devotional study tool for believers. It continues to challenge and encourage readers to dig deeper into the Word of God in order that their lives may be transformed through the renewing of their minds.
  • The Briefing –  A magazine meant to be a means of regularly ‘briefing’ readers—that is, encouraging and equipping each other to live fruitful lives as believers while we await the return of our Lord Jesus. It comes out every two months as a 52-page full-colour magazine, as well as free online.
  • Themelios – An international evangelical theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well.
  • Touchstone – A Christian journal, conservative in doctrine and eclectic in content, with editors and readers from each of the three great divisions of Christendom – Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox. It provides a place where Christians of various backgrounds can speak with one another on the basis of shared belief in the fundamental doctrines of the faith as revealed in Holy Scripture and summarized in the ancient creeds of the Church.
  • World Magazine – It covers all aspects of the news: national, international, and cultural; politics and business; medicine, science, technology, and sports. It even has feisty columns, religious reflections, cartoons and a page with funny or strange stories.

Please note that though most of these require a paid subscription, they all provide free online access to parts or all of the magazine.

Leave a comment or request any topical magazines to be added to the list.

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