The Case for Strong Men’s Discipling Ministries in the Local Church

DiscipleshipTitle1Someone once said, “The strength and character of the church is in its men. Men have the responsibility of leadership in the church as well as in the home. Their character is everything. It’s the all important thing. Where a church’s men are strong, the whole church will be strong. Where a church’s men are weak, the whole church will be weak.”  Continue reading

The Big Man Syndrome!!

The Christian life is a paradox. You go up by going down; you gain by losing; you live by dying, etc. Jesus Christ was very careful and concerned that His first disciples understood this. He wanted them to learn that Christian discipleship is all about servitude not status. But this goes against every grain in our natural constitutions as fallen beings – everybody wants to be great – first and the important man. And yet, this is the life to which the Lord Jesus Christ called His first disciples and to this same life, He calls all of His disciples today – a life focused on servant-hood and not status. I was helped in thinking about this in a recent study in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9:30-41. I have been preaching through the Gospel of Mark in our local congregation over the past year or so and we are now towards the end of chapter 9. I preached on THE BIG MAN SYNDROME last Sunday and was greatly helped by the LORD in delivering His Word to His people. If you would like to listen to that sermon, please click on the image below.

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