Leadership is Male

Leadership-is-Male_David-PawsonI know that this is a very controversial subject especially in our day. In the church as well as outside the church, we are seeing the weakening if not the demise of male leadership. Since the women liberation movement, many men have given up their territory and conceded defeat as the culture has pressed in on them to take the back seat in the name of gender equality. The results have been less than impressive: the disappearance of strong male headed households; the disappearance of faithful churches led by males; the lowering of societal moral standards – and more.

Many respectable and godly women agree. Read what Elizabeth Elliot writes in a foreword to a book on this subject:

The issue of so-called equality of men and women touches the very foundation of Christian faith, for it goes deep into the nature of God and the great mystery of which the much-maligned apostle Paul writes in his letter to the Ephesians. For years I have watched with increasing dismay the destruction the feminist movement has wrought in the world, in the church, in Christian homes and marriages, and in personalities. I have studied the tortuous arguments of those who would persuade us that Galatians 3: 28 cancels everything the author says elsewhere in his epistles about the vital distinctions between men and women. I have listened to the endless discussions of Paul’s rabbinical prejudice and cultural insularity. I have delved into treatises on the meaning of the Greek word hypotasso, (‘ to arrange under’, ‘to be under obedience’, ‘to put under’, ‘to subdue unto’, ‘to subject to’, ‘to be in subjection to’, ‘to submit self unto’), and I have on a few occasions been asked (as a ‘traditionalist’, whatever that means) to debate those who would rewrite history, literature, psychology and the Bible itself to make them palatable to the woman of the late twentieth century. I have done practically everything but jump up and down and scream about it.  Continue reading

Most Men are Not Satisfied…

J. Campbell White writes:

Most men are not satisfied with the permanent output of their lives. Nothing can wholly satisfy the life of Christ within his followers except the adoption of Christ’s purpose toward the world he came to redeem. Fame, pleasure and riches are but husks and ashes in contrast with the boundless and abiding joy of working with God for the fulfillment of his eternal plans. The men who are putting everything into Christ’s undertaking are getting out of life its sweetest and most priceless rewards (Excerpt from Secretary of the Laymen’s Missionary Movement, 1909).

men4god-conf-poster-crThis is why Joy to the World Ministries has organized the Men for God Conference – a conference for men which was born out of a deep desire to encourage and build up strong, quality and godly men for God who will serve Him as godly leaders be it in the home, church or the work place.

  • Most men are not satisfied by the permanent output of their lives.
  • Most men are insecure – and unsure of themselves – who they are and what they are really here for. So they hide their true identity in order to gain acceptance.
  • Most men are lonely – and secretly wish they weren’t – but are too proud to admit it.
  • Most men are laden with worry and anxiety over their finances – they can’t pay their bills and they are steeped in debt.
  • Most men have given up on finding any satisfaction in their lives – and are merely existing – living without any real God-honoring purpose.

Is there any hope for such men? Yes there is – the Bible gives instructions on what the LORD requires of us. By looking to Christ, we can find real meaning, purpose and satisfaction in our lives. Through Christ, we can enjoy God’s rich blessings to us and be a blessing to others. In Christ, we can live God-honoring lives day by day.

If you are a man living in Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley or Whatcom County, and need some encouragement in your walk with the LORD, I invite you to join me and other men this coming June at the Men for God Conference as we look into God’s Word for divine instructions on how to lives in such a way that we honor God, bless others and enjoy the abundant life that our Savior, Jesus Christ has purchased for us by His death and resurrection.


Where Are All the Men?

A few days ago, the London Telegraph published a story entitled, “More new women priests than men for the first time.”  I read the story with great interest because it touches on something that I am very much interested in, namely the biblical teaching regarding the role of women in church offices.  I believe that it is a direct violation of God’s Word (thus sinful) for women to take up leadership positions in the church (i.e. as pastors or elders).  Well, this article approvingly talked of women priests outnumbering men.  In summary, the author fo the article basically wanted to let us know that:  “More female priests are joining the Church of England than male ones for the first time ever, it can be disclosed as it takes another step towards the introduction of women bishops.”

The debating chamber at Church House, Westminster. Photo: AP

My initial response was:  “Where are all the men?”  It’s such a sad reality of our times particularly here in the West where a lot of men (if not most) have become too lethargic and sluggish to lead both in the home and the church.  The end result?  Well, somebody has to step up to the plate and lead – and the women are doing just that.  That’s the tragic reality that the Western Church (mostly) has to deal with.  But is that really the answer?  Should women take up these roles/offices which are clearly and divinely assigned to men?  The answer to this question and all it’s practical implications is no doubt complex.  Each particular situation where this is an issue would have to be evaluated individually and the practical implications would have to be worked out the same way.  However, violating the clear principles found in God’s Word is not the to deal with our social ills (e.g. lack of male leadership, etc).  Whatever we decide to do by way of addressing the lack of male leadership in our society, particularly in the church, we must unwaveringly adhere to the standard that has been set forth for us by God in His Holy Word! See 1 Timothy 2:9-15.

What is happening in the Church of England and other similar Christian denominations like the Church of Scotland or the Presbyterian Church – USA is quite sad and tragic.  One can only hope and pray that those who lead these denominations will come to their senses, repent and return to the clear teaching of Scripture on this issue!  But O, it’s a slippery slope and the devil seems to be holding a tight rein on these denominations with some relative success.  For most of such denominations, it all started with the erosion of biblical inerrancy.  Once that was thrown out of the window, then pretty much everything that men/women didn’t like could be thrown out of the window on one hand and everything that men/women wanted could be entertained in the church.  So, the ordination of women to church offices was brought into the church as 1 Timothy 2 and other related Scriptural passages were thrown out of the window.  Quite tragic isn’t it?  People are picking and choosing what they should and shouldn’t listen to in the Bible.  If I don’t like what Romans 1 says (for example), then I can just tear it out of my Bible, and so on and so forth.  That’s where we are today.  But what’s next?  Well, I hope and pray that there will be a spirit of repentance which will in turn bring a true reformation in these denominations so that Christ and His Holy Word may be honored.  That’s what I pray for!  Please join me.

Finally, a word to all Christian men reading this:  “Rise up, be men and start leading in your home and church as the Lord would have you do.”  I encourage you to watch/listen to the messages preached at this year’s pastors’ conference organized by Desiring God Ministries in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) especially these two:  1.  “Father Hunger” in Leading the Home, and 2.  “Father Hunger” in Leading the Church.