Man-Centered Missions

Near the end of his extraordinary life, William Carey was becoming a household name in England. Biographies were being turned out to an eager public. Even mementos of Carey’s life were prized as almost sacred objects. One day a friend of Carey’s was going on and on about the fame of the “Father of Modern Missions.” Carey interrupted him sharply saying, “When I am gone, speak no more of Mr. Carey. Speak of Mr. Carey’s Saviour.” Carey wasn’t the last missionary to become a celebrity, and his rejection of such misplaced attention, his “He must increase; I must decrease” attitude is refreshing. But the whole story underscores a dangerous tendency in ministry.

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What Most Malawians Don’t Know About Scotland

David Livingstone
It is a given fact that most Malawians are fully aware of the wonderful spiritual heritage that Malawi has received from Scotland through Dr. David Livingstone who was the first missionary to come to Malawi.  Later, through his efforts and appeals to Christians back in Scotland, many of them (especially college students), followed his steps to Africa where they laid their lives down for the Lord, His Gospel and His people in Malawi.  As a Malawian I am humbled by this and I give praise, glory and honor for such men as David Livingstone and his colleagues for their passion and commitment to see the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spread to my home country.  Through their sacrifices people like me have received and are now experience salvation from sin and its eternal consequences and have come to know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of our lives.  To Him be all the praise, glory and honor now and forevermore!  Amen!

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Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

I praise the Lord to have had the privilege of teaching the first Perspectives class that our church is hosting here in New Westminster.  It was indeed a great joy and privilege.  About 16 students turned up for the first class – four short of the 20 that we hope to have.  So, if you know anyone in the area who needs to take Perspectives, please send them to:  701 Sixth St, New Westminster, BC where the course is being hosted – or have them contact Sharon Walraven at: or call her at:  604.952.0050 ext. 322.  Note:  Each class will be held on Monday from 7-10 pm except for the Thanksgiving weekend.  The class will meet on Friday, October 18 (7:00 pm–10:00 pm) and Saturday, October 19 (9:30 am–4:30 pm).

This class is so wonderful and unique in so many ways in comparison to the classes that my wife and I attended.  This class is full of young people and that is very exciting to me.  I pray that the Lord will take hold of the lives of these young people and prepare them for greater usefulness in His Kingdom here in Canada and around the world.  Please join me in praying for this.
I am very thankful that our small congregation could be given such a great opportunity and privilege to host this wonderful course.  To God be the glory!  Please keep praying for this course over the next 14 weeks as the LORD prompts you by His Spirit.  Thank you!

Psalm 67 – Beautiful Singing from the New Westminster Chapel, New Westminster, BC.

1.  O God, to us show mercy, And bless us in Thy grace; Cause Thou to shine upon us; The brightness of Thy face;

2.That so Thy way most holy; on earth may soon be known; and unto ev’ry people; Thy saving grace be shown.

3.  O God, let peoples praise Thee; Let all the people sing;

4.  Let nations now be joyful; Let songs of gladness ring; For Thou wilt judge the peoples

In truth and righteousness; And o’er the earth shall nations Thy leadership confess.

5.  O God, let peoples praise Thee; Let all the people sing;

6.  For earth in rich abundance; To us her fruit will bring.  God, our own God, will bless us;

Yea, God will blessing send; And all the earth shall fear Him; To its remotest end.

Announcing the JTW Resource Center for Christian Missions & Apologetics at Kasungu Boma, MALAWI

Earlier this year, at Joy to the World Ministries (JTW), we decided to establish a Resource Center for Christian Missions and Apologetics at Kasungu, Boma in Malawi, Africa (for those who may not know where that is).  This fledgling operation is intended to be used as a tool for the growth and strengthening of the Christian Church/Faith in Malawi and beyond. Continue reading


This message has been transcribed from an audio message from the late Dr. John Stott

Our God is a generous God.  Our God is a missionary God.  Yet the very concept of mission is out of favor in today’s pluralistic world.  Pluralism is the popular ideology.  It affirms the equal validity of every religion.  Whereas we Christians insist that Jesus is unique!  We believe in the finality, and the supremacy and uniqueness of Jesus Christ!  We do not speak of Jesus the Great!  Alexander the Great!  Napoleon the Great!  Charles the Great!  But not Jesus the Great!  He is not the Great!  He is the Only!  There is nobody like Him.  He has successors.  and no competitors.  He is unique!  More than that, as we have already been reminded, missions is rooted in the nature of a generous God Himself.   Continue reading