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Sometimes I think Africa will Never Develop

Africa - faceFirst, let me say this. I am not a pessimist, a fatalist or a racist. I am just an honest guy. I care about Africa as I do the rest of the world. Being a Christian, I cannot reconcile these things with the Christian faith. I raise this issue to provoke us Africans (particularly African Christians) and the rest of the world to think about some of the deep underlying issues which might help explain why Africa hasn’t developed – and why it really doesn’t seem to be developing at a rate proportional to all the aid and investment that has been made in Africa since the end of colonialism.   Continue reading

Why Africa Will Never Develop!

Africa - faceYou are here reading this post. The title of this post has drawn you in for one reason or another. Perhaps you outraged by the assertion that this title seems to suggest at face value. Perhaps, you are one of those skeptics who has always thought this to be true but have been afraid to say it for fear of being labelled a pessimist, fatalist or worse still a racist, especially for those of you who are not African. Whatever the reason, I am very glad you are here. Get a cup of tea or coffee (or whatever you like), sit down and let’s talk.

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