Announcing RefNet: 24-hour Christian Internet Radio – New from Ligonier Ministries

We live in a time where there is a proliferation of edifying media available on the web for the Christian, but there isn’t a clear way to aggregate this media into a produced, filtered format. Simply putting everything on the web doesn’t mean everyone will find it. Yes, some people want an à la carte approach with choosing from a multiplicity of podcasts or searching through long lists and that works well for them. Yet others want an always-on streaming approach. As we see it, the Christian community has only just begun to tap the internet’s potential for spreading trustworthy biblical teaching to every nation, tribe, and language on this earth.

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Audio And Video Now Available — 2012 Ligonier National Conference

Last week Ligonier Ministries held their 2012 National Conference on the theme, “The Christian Mind.” R.C. Sproul has said in the past that “burning hearts are not nourished by empty heads.” This was experienced during the conference as thousands of hearts were inflamed to worship and serve our Lord as they sat under biblical teaching, either in person or via our live stream, and were exhorted to think like Christians in the midst of an anti-Christian culture.

The audio and video from each main session is available either to purchase or stream for free:

Optional Sessions:

Michael Card’s optional session is not available due to a problem with the recording.

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R. C. Sproul & Sinclair Ferguson – Video from “Theology Night”

On January 20, 2012, Saint Andrew’s was the location for “Theology Night with Sinclair Ferguson and R.C. Sproul.” It was a relaxed and informative evening where two notable theologians and pastors answered questions submitted by online viewers and those present in the audience. Topics addressed included the doctrines of grace, when to leave a local church, Tim Tebow, dispensationalism, free will, and the peccability or impeccability of Jesus.

You can now stream the video of this edifying evening by clicking here.