Assorted – January 15, 2015

Conference-BannerPage14-462x241Christ, Our Wisdom – live-stream this conference out of Westminster Seminary in California for FREE!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – watch John Piper, Lecrae, and John Ensor talk about abortion.

Boko Haram – here are some helpful facts about Boko Haram that you may not know.

Wanna be Productive? – here are some tips from R. C. Sproul.

Struggling with Worry? – Kevin DeYoung gives 7 good reasons not to worry.



Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying 24 Hours A Day

get-busy-living-or-get-busy-dying-5Today marks the end of the year 2014 – what has this year been like for you?  I am still processing what has happened this year, but all in all it’s been great!  It’s the first year in a while that I haven’t traveled anywhere far – I decided to stay close to my family and church this year and not travel as I normally do each year.  So, in that sense, it’s been good and refreshing and it has given me a lot of extra time with my family and church for which I am really grateful.

A Brand New, Well Packaged Gift for Everyone!

But another year starts tomorrow and we will all start on the same.  It’s a new and free gift that is being given to us by the Lord God, our Creator.  This brand new gift has been carefully wrapped and ready for us.  The year 2015 will be the same for all of us in the sense that we will all be given the same amount of seconds which will culminate into minutes, which will culminate into hours, which will culminate into days, which will culminate into weeks, which will culminate into months, which will culminate into a full year.  In 12 full months, the year 2015 will have come and gone.   Continue reading